There Are Gods Among Us

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Published: 31st August 2012
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The law of attraction only begins to explain the cosmic truths. The Law of attraction states that thoughts become reality. True enough; but what does that mean? Beyond its mysterious ability to grant riches, and love; what is this awesome force? Three philosophies come to mind that address this issue.

The first of these philosophies is monism. The philosophy dictionary states, "monism is the thesis that all of reality is of one kind." Monism maintains that a single basic substance accounts for all of creation. By contrast, dualism contends there are two substances. That being mind and matter. Monism makes no distinction between the two. All things are equal in the universe.

The second philosophy of relevance to this discussion is pantheism. With respect to its meaning, the philosophy dictionary tells us "God is identical with the world." Many "spiritualists" (anyone can be a spiritualist) use the word Universe to refer to God. They believe that the universe is the physical manifestation of God. God is said to reside within creation itself. This is an enlightened view of God. It indicates that if God is everything, then we are God. What are the implications of this far-reaching statement?

Finally, we have the theory of panpsychism. This philosophy dictionary states that panpsychism is the belief "that all material entities possess a degree of mind." This means that all things in the universe possess consciousness, from a pebble to a planet. Panpsychism is a lesser-known philosophy. It is not widely accepted, as people have a hard time believing that a paper clip could have consciousness or perhaps even feelings. It takes an open mind to accept a theory so radically different from mainstream thinking.

What does all of this mean? It's possible to put these theories together to form a unique perspective on the nature of reality.
•God is one substance.
•God is everything.
•God can divide into independent functioning units.

Within the panpsychic worldview, we find that not only are things conscious, they part of the greater mind of the Universe. Each member is charged with carrying out the prime directive of the whole. That mission being to create and experience. In this way, people become "reality artists" and "casual creators". Reality artists carefully choose their thoughts. They paint pictures with their creative imagination. These works of art then become life. Abraham of the Abraham Hicks books refers to this as the law of deliberate creation. Casual creators are careless with their thoughts. They do not stop to consider how their thoughts affect others. Casual creators produce what is known as "mental pollution". Most of us fall into this category. Reality artists are a select breed.

Law of attraction enthusiasts proposes that thoughts become reality. Not only do thoughts manifest in real life; according to panpsychism they possess consciousness. This means that we create life. We are co-creators of the universe. Humans impart their vital essence into their mental creations. These thought forms then take on a life of their own. Every thought will materialize somewhere. This means that all of our fantasies about giants, gnomes, fairies, and unicorns exist within a framework of infinite dimensions. The Universe has established rules that determine what thoughts can manifest here. Thoughts may or may not manifest in our reality. Even God and demons exist somewhere. There is both heaven and hell. There is even a Viking Valhalla and Niflheim. The good news is that our creations cannot harm us. Remember we are all one.

This article is a very brief explanation of an extremely complex topic. I think what is presented here will be enough to consider.

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